The equipment manufactured and marketed by ELECTRONIC APRIL are guaranteed for any defect in material, installation or manufacturing, for a period of 2 or 3 years from date of purcahse (depending on product). This warranty applied to all types of equipment, as long as they are used and maintained according to the user manual and the training done by our specialists.

The service is provided by people trained at our headquarters, where they were designed and assembled equipment. The personnel providing the service had detailed knowledge of all the technical mechanisms of the equipment. Since we are the producers, we can fix any malfunction in a very short period of time.



After the warranty period is over, the company provides a seven-year long post-warranty service, the client having the possibility to choose service on demand or contract-based service. These measures will reduce the possibility of equipment malfunction, ensuring a continuous performance, decreasing the risk of stopping your activity.



The quality specific rules require a strictness that manifests itself at all levels: from the definition and application of technology to the packaging, handling, transport and installation of equipments. The processes are applied to all products manufactured and marketed by ELECTRONIC APRIL.

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