The main activity of ELECTRONIC APRIL is research, design and production of medical equipment, clinical laboratory and environmental protection equipment, its beneficiaries being universities, state and private medical facilities and industrial companies.

Wishing to bring to life as many ideas as possible, but also to provide the market with in-house made high quality products that have a reasonable price, ELECTRONIC APRIL has won the appreciation and respect of its beneficiaries. All of this is due to the quality of the products and to the communication policy, to the close long-term professional relationship we had with our partners and clients, always offering them the right solutions for improving their efficiency.

Since the start of the company and until present, we have managed to increase substantially the volume of our production and sales, with great diversity in the produced goods. The complexity of the offer, the reputation we are known for and the reliability of our company allows us to state that ELECTRONIC APRIL is the complete provider of environment friendly medical and clinical lab equipment that you need!

The production

ELECTRONIC APRIL plans and accomplishes its lab equipment production in controlled environments, according to the demands of the clients, to the information describing the product characteristics, by implementing monitoring and measuring, finishing, delivering and post-delivering activities, defined by adequate labeling and packing. The production process is based upon technological lines that use modern hi-tech tools and equipment,  which ensures high work flow efficiency.

 For a better control of the production and delivery process, the team takes into account the next definitive elements:

  • technical documentation (execution project, execution and control technology, company standard, instructions for operation and maintenance, designs, electronic diagram, equipment charts, hand-written charts);
  • identification of the manufacturing steps of the equipment;
  • drafting the procedures associated with the production process;
  • establishing and researching the methods of data analysis, recording and transferring data and the possible changes;
  • identifying the operational factors that need to be controlled during the manufacturing process;
  • establishing and researching the data analysis, recording and delivery methods which may apply to possible changes in the process;
  • ensuring the personnel’s competence for carrying out certain tasks;
  • ensuring the proper equipment for manufacturing the products;

The products made by ELECTRONIC APRIL are manufactured according to the Order Form and the Manufacturing Program. Fully respecting the technical documentation is compulsory for those who work on the products.

The main steps in producing the laboratory equipment:

  1. The mechanical operators implement and check the mechanical parts that contained inside the manufactured products. In case of     special processes (welding, painting), operations are performed by qualified and trained operators.
  2. Implementation and inspection of electronical parts; electronics installed the printed circuits followed by making appropriate adjustments and calibrations. The programmable circuits inscription is performed by software programs connected to the computer. The used software is identified by the name of the corresponding product.
  3. The mechanical operators/electronic engineers assembly the product according to the Execution Project and the Execution and Control Technologies.

All the production activities are supervised and approved by the technical manager, in collaboration with the general manager.

ELECTRONIC APRIL keeps records of every product (or batch of products) delivered, which ensures keeping track of all requirements, the produced quantity and the approved quantity for delivery. Thus, there is a strict inventory of each delivered product.

On delivery, the equipment is installed by the trained personnel of the company, having all the needed documentation for installation and running and the operating hand book for each type of equipment.

All the delivery/receiving and installing documents are issued and kept as records for all of the produced equipment.

ELECTRONIC APRIL trains the personnel using the equipment at time of the delivery/installing, making sure they have enough knowledge to properly use the products. The training occurs at the beneficiary headquarters, according to the instructions for operation and maintenance.



S.C. ELECTRONIC APRIL SPECIAL ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT S.R.L., producer of medical equipment, clinical laboratory and environmental protection equipment, defines documents the organization’s policy and strategy in the field of quality, based on the following principles:

  • Ensuring and guaranteeing the quality of the products and services carried out by the organization, according to the stipulations of the effective regulations and the wishes of the clients;
  • Developing the feeling of trust, not only on decision-maker level, but also concerning its employees, by accomplishing actions that continuously improve the work-flow;
  • Ensuring a proper working environment;
  • Eliminating the flaws of the products, by running tests and inspections;
  • Reducing the risks when it comes to the production, installing and service activity;
  • Accomplishing the requests and keeping the efficiency of the management system at bay;
  • Continuously improving the quality management system;

The main condition for respecting the stated principles is the compliance with the requests of the quality management system ( SR EN ISO 9001:2008).



  • The equipment produced by ELECTRONIC APRIL are renown for their remarkable quality by clients from Romania and outside of it.
  • Electronic April excels at producing medical equipment, clinical laboratory and environmental protection equipment.
  • In a modern economic system, implementing and maintaining a healthy quality policy throughout the company leads to successfully accomplishing the targeted quality objectives.
  • In our company, the quality control has the purpose of verifying if the internal quality management system works correctly and satisfies permanently the high demands in standards command.



  • Our company evaluates its performances according to its goals through audits and indicators, annually and whenever needed.



  • The stipulations of the H.G no. 1022/10.09.2002 regarding the situation of the products and services that can endanger the life, health, labour security and environmental protection.
  • The stipulations of the “National Guide of Biohazard”.
  • The national and international standards.




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