The company ELECTRONIC APRIL – Special Electronic Equipment S.R.L. (Ltd.) Cluj-Napoca was founded in 1996, with a private fully Romanian investment, the main activity being research, design and production of medical equipment, clinical laboratory and environmental protection equipment, its beneficiaries being universities, state and private medical facilities and industrial companies. The company offers to its clients a wide range of CE certified products, produced through modern techniques that guarantee quality, reliability, technical proficiency and a pleasant design.

ELECTRONIC APRIL actively participates in national and international medical and laboratory equipment fairs, proving its competitiveness due to its use of the newest techniques and technologies (using ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems) and to its extensive interest for the market demand.

The company offers to its customers a range of important advantages, such as: three years guarantee, seven years post-guarantee service, discount for up-front payment, free delivery, installing and training for the clients’ personnel, fast trained interventions, accessories, spare parts and consumables for sale at producer prices



Since 1996, the company is successor for APRIL group (which stands for Asociaţia Pentru Realizarea Instrumentelor de Laborator – the Association for Producing Laboratory Equipment), a group founded in 1990, which represented a very successful company among the Romanian companies, producing medical and lab equipment, ratified  by the National Institute of Metrology and the Health Ministry.

Grounding its force on its own achievements in applied science research, on the modern design and ergonomic studies for each product, the new company succeeded, in less than ten years, to offer to the Romanian market 15 new types of instruments, equipped with latest generation microprocessors and software with a user-friendly operating system.

With over 20 years of experience in metrology  and control equipment applied in medicine, industry and environmental protection, and with the help of a fresh, dynamic and well prepared team, ELECTRONIC APRIL approached and solved some of the most difficult problems concerning designing and producing complex equipments. Thus, the efforts of the company take shape throughout the continuous work on new projects and products, that can meet the demands of the market.



The extensive knowledge of the constantly growing Romanian business environment and also perfectly understanding the European Union demands bring ELECTRONIC APRIL among the most recommended management and consulting services providers. Since the amount of investments is growing and because Romania is continuously developing, ELECTRONIC APRIL can offer you a steady and trust worthy partnership.

Taking into account that different technologies offer different options on the market, it is very difficult to take the right decision without a specialized consultant that could give you the solutions you need. Throughout the time we learned that each client requires solutions well adapted to its needs.

ELECTRONIC APRIL provides free consulting for reaching the best solution on equipping your lab, FREE delivery and installation of the equipment and training the employees that will use it. We guarantee a long life for the equipment, within the designed operational factors, fast support and interventions operated by trained personnel and providing spare parts and consumables at producer prices.

All the equipment produced by our company is accompanied by a statement of compliance.



  • we have experience for more than 23 years in the field;
  • we are active, dynamic and open to new possibilities;
  • we offer free consulting on making the right choice for your lab;
  • we suggest a complete and diverse portfolio;
  • we guarantee the best choice quality vs price;
  • you will receive complete extensive information on the products: options, accessories, deals;

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