Taking into account how important innovation can be, ELECTRONIC APRIL has a very modern Research and Development facility, which deals with mechanics design, electronic design, and also hardware design and software programming.

The well trained team from the Research and Development department work on designing and developing new products and on continuously improving those already part of the portfolio, according to the progress of technology and the demands of the customers.

Approaching intelligently and improving the results coming from the research-develop projects, as well as using the uppermost technology has lead to enhancing the quality results of the equipment produced by our company.

Also, by participating in renown scientific programs, the research-develop department constantly exchanges know-how with research facilities, universities and companies that are highly experienced in designing and producing high-end equipment in this field.



The Increase of Economic Competitivity Operational Sector Program (IECOSP) has as its main purpose  – the increase of productivity in Romanian companies, consolidating the principles of durable development and reducing the differences with the production level in the EU. Thus, Romania would reach, by 2015, a level at approximately 55% of the average productivity in the EU.

Specific objectives of IECOSP: 

  • Consolidating and insuring a durable development of the productive economic areas;
  • Creating a favorable environment for a durable development of the companies;
  • Increasing the capacity for research and develop (R&D), stimulating the cooperation between companies and research – develop – innovation institutions (RDI)Creșterea capacității de cercetare dezvoltare (C&D), as well as increasing the access of companies to RDI;
  • The capitalization of the potential of the information and communication technologies in the public sector (administration) and the private sector (companies, individuals);
  • The increase of the energetic efficiency and the development of the energetic system, by promoting the renewable energy resources.




“This material does not necessarily reflect the official position of the European Union or the Romanian Government”

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