Chemical hoods


HCH-900; HCH-1200;
HCH-1500; HCH-1800



The HCH hoods are chemical protection units, with vertical air flow in work area, which protects the operator by evacuation of dangerous fumes from the enclosure.

The environmental protection is ensured by fumes transmission through  activated carbon filters impregnated with specific chemical reagents (acids, bases) before evacuation in air. The fitting of filters is done at the user’s request, the types of chemicals used. So you can choose general filters, filters for acids or organic solvents. The efficiency of filtration depends on the degree of impregnation of the filter with the feed stocks and concentration of chemicals used. On request, hoods are equipped with special polypropylene or stainless steel ventilators with IP 55 protection and tubing for fumes evacuation out of room. At the request of the costumer, these hoods can be equipped with broad spectrum gas sensors able to detect toxic gas leakage due to inefficiency filters.

Products are manufactured under quality management system ISO 9001:2008, are tested and certified according to SR EN 14175 1-2-3-6 governing the construction and operation of exhaust chemical hoods and are CE certified.

Devices can be achieved and configured according to the request of the beneficiary.

For more details regarding the technical and constructive features, please contact the manufacturer.



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