Mobile photo colorimeter

fotocolorimetru portabil deschis FOV-6L

Photo colorimeters FOV 6L is a portable, great quality, measuring absorbance of the solutions in six wavelengths in the visible range, designed for field or laboratory work.

The device is ideal for:

  • Biochemical analysis: uric acid, albumin, bilirubin, calcium, chloride, cholesterol, HDL , creatinine, iron, glucose, hemoglobin, magnesium, total protein, thymol, triglycerides, urea, etc.
  • Water Analysis: ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, active chlorine free, chlorine bound chlorine, iron, ortho-phosphate, dissolved oxygen, silicon, sulfate, hydrogen sulfide / sulfur, turbidity, aluminum, chrome, tin, nickel, copper, zinc , cadmium, etc.
  • scientific Research
  • environmental protection

These products are manufactured in quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Devices can be achieved and configured according to the request of the beneficiary.

For more details regarding the technical and constructive features, please contact the manufacturer.

Software interface:


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