ECG 6000 P; ECG 6000 PX

6000P a        6000 PX a

Digital electrocardiograph, portable 6-channel, 12-lead, printer and graphic display.

ECG 6000 P and ECG 6000 PX are devices for the diagnosis and management of the patient.

The digital ECG 6000 P and ECG 6000 PX work automatically making:

  • adjust the sensitivity
  •  selecting derivatives
  • scrolling speed selection
  • pulse display

These products are manufactured in quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Devices can be achieved and configured according to the request of the beneficiary.

For more details regarding the technical and constructive features, please contact the manufacturer.


imprimare ECG 1

imprimare ECG 2

Software interface

Signal Acquisition.

Soft ECG 1


soft ECG 2

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